March 27, 2022

Top 37 Security Companies UK 2022 | Ranked by Review Rating

37. Allied Universal

No. of Guards: 210

Trustpilot Stars: 1.6

Trustpilot Best: All negative comments

Trustpilot Worst: "The worst security company ever! Do not hire them. In 4 years I called 4 times on different safety matters. Either they didn't show up, showed up long after the threat was diffused or outright neglected the call and got hung up on by untrained personnel. Wouldn't trust them with any safety issue in the future. BEWARE"

Typical Comment: Generally positive, although with it being a larger company there is a long list of complaints from employees

36. Kingdom Services Group

No. of Guards: 2159

Google Rating: 2.3

Google Best Review: "Kingdom has been a business partner of ours for a great number of years and have always been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have fantastic attention to detail, and we feel that we are in safe, knowledgeable hands with them."

Google Worst Review: "Worst and least effective security company i have ever come across. Unable to perform simple tasks. Do not employ their services.

Total waste of money."

Typical comment: Generally positive from customers although there are a few negatuve comments, from former employees it is generally negative with a few gibing a positive review of the company

35. Cordant Security

No. of Guards: 3931

Google Stars: 2.3

Google Reviews Best: "Out of every Security company I have ever worked for. I can hands down say Cordant Security is the best. I've been with the company for a while and have progressed up the ranks. I've worked on the shop floor, recruitment, control room and now a manager. My hard work was recognised and rewarded. I feel as part of a family. The hierarchy within Cordant services as a whole has always been supportive to me and I've learned a lot from everyone I have worked with. I've always been paid on time or early. Mistakes are always swiftly rectified if there are ever any. You couldn't ask for a better company than Cordant Security. Throughout lockdown they've supported everyone to the best of their abilities, they try hard to accommodate everyone, there are no surprises with Cordant everyone is always upfront, honest and courteous.

Google Reviews Worst: "Went to my local Tesco yesterday and the store was very busy being a Friday night yet 2 security guards were not in post but I observed them laughing and joking smoking outside for a long time. It was a great time for opportunist theives to walk out with a shopping trolley FULL of groceries??just saying"

Typical comment: Lots of disgruntled employees, with a few complaints from the general public which is to be expected with a company of this size

34. Showsec

Google Review Stars: 2.5

Google Best Review: "Great place to work, highly professional. Would recommend to any SIA badge holders looking for a decent company to work for or anyone looking to hire event security.

Google Worst Review: "Having seen how your trained staff deal with a member of the public wearing a union jack wastecoat to a British boxing match is sickening. EVERY Showsec member of staff involved in that video needs to be sacked and charged with assault, they do not have a brain cell between them all. Every person should boycott ANY event that this company is contracted too. Seriously don't deserve one star. Thugs. Would you want this calibre of staff looking after your event? Avoid at all costs.


33. Corps Security

No. of Guards: 3092

Google Review Stars: 2.6

Google Reviews Best: No positive comments

Google Reviews Worst: "I had applied for a vacancy advertised on job indeed for a fulltime security job leeds Carly Bedford had rung me up to inform me there will be a interview over facetime due to covid 19 we had agreed on a day and time. On the day I didn't receive a call from the person who was meant to take my interview. Later that day I rung corps security and asked to speak to carly Bedford and informed her no one had conducted my interview. She told me the manager had a Emergency to deal with I thought yeah cool fair enough so we arranged another day and time for a interview. NOBODY rung me again. I messaged carly bedford letting her know its happened second time to me and how it look unprofessional on they company part. But she never responded back. I seen 3 star ratings and still thought of giving them a try. But honestly dont waste your time look else were AVOID!!"

Typical Comment: All comments are negative

32. Regency Security

No. of Guards: 1380

Google Review Stars: 2.9

Google Best Reviews: "Worked very closely with the door staff during my time as a bar manager - all I can say is thanks to all of the guys and girls who kept my customers and staff safe excellent service."

Google Worst Reviews: "Wouldn't trust them to keep bubble wrap safe!

Booked them to attend and support my event. Travelled over an hour to meet with the person assessing my venue. They didn't show and when i called to find out why i was told the team was all hungover after watching the football so hadn't bothered. What a disgrace of a company."

Typical Comment: Lots of negative reviews from former staff and customers. There are a number of bright spots though

31. I.C.T.S.

No. of Guards: 3473

Google Review Stars: 3.1

Google Reviews Best: "Each time I go on holiday, I mean to write this review... finally, here it is... Although you may go unnoticed working behind the scenes, you are not unappreciated. I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the people at ICTS for keeping my family, friends and community safe as we travel, work, shop, holiday, study, heal and entertain ourselves - every single day. So, whether you are guarding, patrolling, installing, scanning, screening, analysing, protecting, reuniting, serving and whatever else you people do, please keep on doing it. You guys are the BEST."

Google Reviews Worst: "Worst company I have ever had to displeasure of dealing with. Still got on-going issues that have been open with them for over 1 year with no progress being made. Never reply to emails / questions, Don't even know the products their own company supports. Essentially given up on half of our support tickets. Want you fix products you pay them to fix. Engineers are untraining, unprofessional and lacking basic troubleshooting skills & knowledge. Do yourself a favour and give these a miss."

Typical Comment: Positive comments from the general public, negative comments from former employees

30. Carlisle Group

No. of Guards: 3000

Google Review Stars: 3.1

Google Reviews Best: "Great place with friendly staff"

Google Reviews Worst: "I had problems with their security guards coming to site on time or at all. I then have problems trying to get through to their help desk to find out where there guards are."

Typical Comment: Fair number of negative comments from customers especially compared with other companies on the list. Comments left by employees are mostly negative, but this is common for companies of this size.

29. Total Security Services

Google Reviews Stars: 3.1

Google Reviews Best: "I have worked in the UK security industry for more than 20 years, during this time I have been employed by companies large and small, many of these have been dubious in their credibility (often in spite of their best intent), whilst others have been too small to be effective. TSS however is different...without a doubt they are the most supportive, company in the marketplace right now; big enough to supply clients and staff with the resources to do the job, yet still retaining a family ethos. I have no hesitation in recommending them as an employer or a supplier..."

Google Reviews Worst: "Don't answer the phone

Some Guards that we have are more like a wet weekend

Relief guards don't arrive on time or not at all

Some don't understand is or we don't understand them due to language barriers"

Typical Comment: Typically negative from former employees from the comments left, very few comments from customers and struggled to find positive remarks from customers

28. Lodge Security International

No. of Guards: 585

Google Review Stars: 3.4

Google Reviews Best: "Very professional service."

Google Reviews Worst: "Dreadful security guards provided especially the idiots in dundee primark with bad attitudes who pass remarks about shoppers play on their phones and don't seem interested in the work they do"

Typical Comment: Generally positive with only a couple of negatuves from the public. A number of complaints from former employees.

27. STM Group (UK) Ltd

Guard Numbers: 1050

Google Review Stars: 3.4

Google Reviews Best: "Most of my career has been working on the side of the client therefore I have always been involved in the procurement and selection of high level security officers. All I ever wanted was a company who said what they meant and meant what they said but this was as rare as the Dodo! It was unattainable and sadly, I resigned myself to mediocrity until I found Paul Jacomb and his company STM. I will not labour on this point however I have to tell you that if they shake your hand on a promise or a deal. They will deliver!"

Google Reviews Worst: "Obviously this doesn't reflect all staff, but most are inadequate jacket fillers who barely know customer service. This one guy keeps trying to get free travel on a public transport service with his STM ID card and playing it like he doesn't know it's not valid for that travel. Regular guy that keeps coming and trying it on with the station staff, and he's rude about it too. Those that work in the National Rail station are thick as."

Typical comment: The usual complaints from would-be employees, as well as a number of complaints from the general public about the standard of service

26. Churchill Security

No. of Guards: 200

Google Review Stars: 3.5

Google Reviews Best: "When one of our sites lost a security system late in the day, we called Churchill security and they could not have been more helpful. Guard was onsite within an hour and provided services as requested until we could get everything back working. Great response, good costs and office staff couldn't be friendlier."

Google Reviews Worst: "Their name mis-informs you from the start: they are nothing but 'LIMITED'.

This abomination of a company was supposed to be on guard through a filmmaking outing. They were to arrive at 5:30am, guard until 2pm, and then their day would be over.

This was, however, too challenging a task for the soiled toddlers running the company. Instead, they sent out two untrained men who were not qualified for the job. They then twiddled their thumbs while the office "called around" to find replacements for the next 7 hours. This was met with a grinding stop after they decided to claim that they have not received enough money for the men they could send out. So it seems as though the soiled children were maturing into semi-decent money-hungry sharks.

Overall, avoid this company at all costs! If you are in need of security you are better off praying to Santa than paying these moronic children. At least with Santa he'll give you a piece of coal instead of the middle finger.”

25. Ward Security 

Google Review Stars: 3.6

No written reviews left that we could find, feel free to email us if you find some for this company and would like to have them added.

24. MAN Security

No. of Guards: 885

Google Review Stars: 3.7

Google Reviews Best: "Great company & I would certainly recommend their professional man guarding services. I have used them 3 times now and they have always done and excellent job.

Google Reviews Worst: poor performance from the management and unlikely to use again

Typical Comment: Lots of negative comments from former employees. The few customer comments are positive

23. T3 Security Ltd

Google Reviews Stars: 3.8

Google Reviews Best: "Outstanding Company, always putting the customer first. The Directors have the passion and desire to learn, develop and grow as a business. You won’t be disappointed!"

Google Reviews Worst: "Usually have a great experience in Tokyo, however tonight as I didn’t have the track trace app I asked to sign in manually, I was pushed against a car bonnet by my head and denied entry by Micheal Hogg (the security on the door) who said to me that he would fake a claim that I had used drugs as a reason to ‘kick me in.’ I have both audio and video evidence that proves otherwise. I was respectful throughout and thank the manager for dealing with the situation.


Typical Comment: Mostly positive, although there are a number of complaints from both former staff and patrons of their customers' venues

22. SecuriGroup Services

No. of Guards: 3300

Google Reviews Stars: 3.9

Google Reviews Best: "Excellent helpfull staff. Help make customers feel safe and secure at all venues."

Google Reviews Worst: "Clients and employees stay away."

Typical Comment: Generally positive from former employees, although there are a number of negative complaints from former staff.

21. Professional Security (Effective Security Services Ltd)

Google Review Stars: 3.9

Google Reviews Best: "Professional is a great supplier and the service has been good. Our doorman is great with our customers and also gets in well with my Staff.

Brad the area manager is a dependable liaison, very supportive and always available"

Google Reviews Worst: "Look elsewhere. Poor quality staff provided and sub-prime customer service."

20. FGH Security

Google review stars: 4

Google Reviews best: I have been helped by FGH several times, they assist all our major events, Pete, Zoey,Lindsay, Dave, Kevin & the rest of the team always go above & beyond to make sure we are provided with the most professional standards. Thank you for all the support weve recieved from you.

Google Reviews Worst: "Unprofessional behaviour from staff on nightclub doors. Uncooperative management when asked to put formal complaint against their staff. Shambles of a security company, thugs and bullies."

Typical Comment: All customer comments are highly positive

19. CrownGuard Security

Trustpilot Stars: 4

Trustpilot Best: "Outstanding service, really impressed with service delivery, this is what a security company should be like"

Trustpilot Worst: Crownguard Security Services, has a proactive and innovative team who are reliable, and always goes beyond the call of duty in delivering their services. Always on time, with good communication skills with and around the team on different schedules and shift times. Their system and mode of operations is EXCELLENT, and I will refer and recommended anyone to this company 101%

Typical Comment: Highly pleased with the service

18. Atalian Servest

Google Reviews Rating: 4

Google Reviews Best: Very professional and a great service.

Google Reviews Worst: Critical: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

Typical Comment: Generally positive, with some employees complaining. There are a number of low star reviews with no comments given though.

17. Acclaimed Security

Google Reviews Rating: 4

Google Reviews Best: We have used Acclaimed Security for many years now for manned guarding and mobile patrols across our property portfolio. We have found them to be the most professional company in the Leeds area. Highly recommend.

Google Reviews Worst: Pay £3000 for a passive course chap who was doing the so called course had no accreditation with N.A.S.D.U. ive even tried to get a refund but all i get is knowt back NOT VERY GOOD IS IT

Typical Comment: Friendly & Helpful

16. Britsafe

Google Review Stars: 4.1

Google Reviews Best: A well established, professional security provider with a clear understanding of client relations and expectations.

Google Reviews Worst: Very poor company values. Not pleased with how guards are being dismissed just because their lazy team can't seem to get new contracts yet they keep getting new staff. Absolutely appalling staff members from payroll, control to the board of directors.

Typical Comment: Generally all positive

15. Bridgegate Security

Google Review Stars: 4.2

Google Review Best: Brilliant service and company to work for in my personal view.

Google Review Worst: Avoid at all costs, I done two shifts for them and never got paid and also blocked by a so called manager nick, what a professional company

Typical Comment: Generally negative from former staff, 5 star reviews are not accompanied with any comment

14. 1st Class Protection

Google Reviews Stars: 4.2

Google Reviews Best: "I have worked with First Class Protection for over three years now and they are the best on the market: they are helpful, listen to your inquiry and they advised me with tailor-made options. They are also extremely reliable. I really like the guards as they are so polite and they look the part. There was a particularly difficult situation with someone aggressive and disruptive trying to get into the premises and that was handled with calm and professionalism. I have to say I was glad I had the guards on site who dealt with it brilliantly. Thank you"

Google Reviews Worst: "The wages offered by this company are among some of the lowest I have seen, including one for less than minimum wage! I will also add that so many of these reviews are from people with no other reviews that they are probably all fake"

Typical Comment: All positive from customers, praising professionalism and reliability. Former employees have left a number of disgruntled reviews.

13. UniTrust Protection

Google Reviews Stars: 4.2

Google Reviews Best: Just transferred over from Engie uk services to Unitrust protection services UK Ltd. first impressions were professional disaplined and supportive towards their employees I've worked at Ravensbourne University for 9 yrs as a front of house security officer.

Google Reviews Worst: “Avoid’ *Gave 1 Star

Typical comment: Typically positive, although many have no text

12. CIS Security

Google Review Stars: 4.3

Google Reviews Best: "The best employer I have ever worked for in my life and I hope I will stay with CIS SECURITY as long as possible."

Google Reviews Worst: "Not a very organised company at all I think they need new managers to do the job right another company let me down to many cowboys thease days the security industry has gone down alot avoid"

Typical Comment: Generally positive, very few negative comments

11. Wilson James

Google Reviews Stars: 4.3

Google Reviews Best: "Great company, great Safety record and great support top the community"

Google Reviews Worst: No Poor review comments

Typical Comment: Typically positive from employees with no comments from customers

10. Vistech

Google Reviews Stars: 4.4

Google Reviews Best: “We have been working with Vistech for nearly 5 years on all our construction and office projects. They are excellent value for money and are well organised. They can be contacted 24 hours a day and there is always someone on the phone or email to help. We will continue to use and are very happy with the service. Brilliant and highly recommended.

Google Reviews Worst: Dishonest and disorganized !

Typical Comment: Almost entirely positive, only one negative comment

9. GoldenCrown

Google review stars: 4.5

Google Reviews Best: "My experiences with Golden Crown has been excellent, they are always very helpful with any security needs that i have and are always extremely professional and personable with their services. The management team always go the extra mile to help with any needs or questions i have. I would highly recommend them."

Google Reviews Worst: "Do not follow the correct and lawful procedures with tupe employment law. If they take over a site you are already working at don't expect them to explain anything about your legal rights. They just kick you off and replace you with their own staff."

Typical Comment: Very positive comments about a professional and approachable company

8. SavySec

Google Review Stars: 4.5

Google Reviews Best: Savysec is a highly professional company. Been in business with them for almost 5 years. The boss is very down to earth and always match our demands and needs. Highly recommend to other businesses looking to hire door supervisors.

Google Reviews Worst: It's hard to find reliable security guards, but Savysec Security delivered every time. Door supervisors were professional and easy to work with!

Typical Comment: All positive comments minus a spammer

7. Foremost Security Ltd

Google Review Stars: 4.5

Google Reviews Best: "I’ve worked with Foremost Security for over 5 years and recommend them. The account management team are professional and importantly our regular security officers on site are great – they’re proactive, reliable and dedicated to the security of the site!"

Google Reviews Worst: "Went past one of their buildings that they were advertising on.These guys must have came to install the cameras, whilst riding a horse. Typical shoddy cowboys."

Typical Comment: Professional and easy to deal with

6. Trident Security Solutions

Google Review Stars: 4.7

Google Reviews Best: "We've now worked with Trident for the last 2 years. I have nothing but positives to say about this firm. They always exceed expectations. Not only are their staff professional but are also personable to our customers and staff. It's been a pleasure working with them and I look forward to us continuing our partnership with them for many years to come."

Google Reviews Worst: "Racist and abusive staff, I was verbally assaulted by trident security staff whilst they was securing the apartments I live in. They don’t make me feel safe at all & threatened to come into my home whenever they please, considering I’m a young female living alone this was very unsettling. They also made racial slurs and mocked me for having mental health issues. I raised these issues with management who called me a liar despite me having proof"

Typical Comment: Highly Professional and personable

5. 4Site Security

Google Review Stars: 4.9

Google Reviews Best: "We have dealt with security companies for over 10 years now and 4Site security are the best we have used!

The staff are so enthusiastic and professional about the job they do and want to ensure that they keep our sites as secure as possible. Very reasonably priced but alongside this, actually do what they say they're going to do!

Thank you James and the team for the good effort, advice and assistance managing our sites!

Google Reviews Worst: "Had a lot of confidence and trust in this company heading in to joining them, until they decided to mess me about! Informed i was successful in a position within the company, only to pass vetting and on the day informed me they no longer required me and had to withdraw my application! Leaving me the sole provider of a 1 year old with no job and no source of income to continue to provide!"

Typical Comment: All but the one mentioned review are extremely positive

4. Security Risk Specialists

Google Review Stars: 4.9

Google Reviews Best: "SRS is our security provider for the Riverside House in Woolwich. We knew from the first meeting we are dealing not only with high level security professionals, but also very open minded and business orientated people. They told us of all options, gave recommendations on features they were not providing and in general we left the meeting having a clear understanding of what our needs are and how to cover them best. Unlike other meetings within the selection process we did not have a feeling of hard sales, but rather of a partnership approach. In the course of work SRS and in particular Yair showed themselves very flexible, reacting immediately to the changing situation and always acting in our best interest and for our comfort. We are overall very happy with SRS and highly recommend working with them. For ourselves we believe we have found a long term partner for securing our sites."

Google Reviews Worst: No bad reviews!

3. TGS Security

Google Reviews Stars: 5

Google Reviews Best: Incredible security company for high profile events. I recently used them for a job with a very high profile celebrity and they provided close protection as well as extensive event security. The event was outdoors in central London and TGS were so professional and always thinking a step ahead. I couldn't recommend them enough. Megan Goodwin - Event Producer

Google Reviews Worst: "We were very happy with the reliable, professional and trustworthy service provided by TGS for our event planning and management.Would recommend and use again."

Typical Comment: Very happy with the service level and the attitudes of management

2. Midas Security Services

Google Review Stars: 5

Google Reviews Best: A huge part of our nightclubs success is thanks to having Midas supervising our doors. They go above and beyond the normal call for door staff duties, not only providing a safe gigging or clubbing experience for our patrons but also a safe environment for our staff to work in. Extremely professional, caring and approachable.

Google Reviews Worst: None

Typical Comment: All highly praising comments

1.On Site Security Ltd

Google Review Stars: 5

Google Reviews Best: "Great Management, Great Team, Great Service.

We have been using On Site Security for a little over a year at our shopping centre. The management understands our business requirements. They have always managed to fulfil our needs, more often than not at very short notice maintaining good service at all time. Their operatives are professional, smart, always on time and a pleasure to work with.


Google Reviews Worst: None

Typical Comment: All highly praising comments

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