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Nottingham Security Company

With two large universities and a bustling economy, Nottingham is a busy city in the midst of Derbyshire. With its popularity as a place to live & work there is an increased need to look after people & property compared with other quieter places.

Our Security Guarding services cover all of Nottingham for use cases including Construction Site Security, Retail Guarding or any other Commercial Security Guarding work. Our security professionals provide security at your business, but they also provide reassurance that your business is safe.


We offer customised company security services to your business to reduce the risk of incidents occurring on your premises. All at a price point which your accountant won't blush over.

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We are available via email or telephone to provide ongoing support.

Our Security Guards are provided with ongoing security training to ensure best practice.

Door Supervisors in Nottingham

Nottingham's Nightlife scene is doing better than ever, with an offering ranging from cocktail bars to craft beer pubs, as well as the familiar favourites of other UK city centres.

People in Nottingham for a night on the town expect great service & a memorable experience. At Getaguard we recognise this, so our Door Supervisors in Nottingham are given extra training on an ongoing basis not only to provide security as is expected, but to help create a fantastic experience for your customers.

This can be customised to suit your needs, so it is in line with your venue and the service level you expect of your own staff to create a seamless experience for your customers.


Getaguard deploys trained & SIA Licensed Door Supervisors to help you meet your licensing objectives and keep your business safe. Whilst ensuring order at your venue, Getaguard's Door Supervisors also provide unmatched customer service to your customers.

Get in contact with us using the contact form on this page to receive a quote for your Venue's needs.

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Qualified & vetted

All guards are SIA-licensed, DBS-checked and vetted to BS7858 standard.

Friendly, firm & fair

Guards undergo continuous training in all areas of customer service and conflict management.

Proven partners

You get your own account manager to customise a package for your exact requirements.

Nottingham Construction Security

We offer a total Security Solution for Nottingham businesses looking for site security. We conduct a risk audit at the outset for your site & design a custom security solution. Following the beginning of service delivery you won't worry about your construction site security again.

Because of the plant & machinery left on site overnight, construction sites are typically targets for thieves at night and during daylight hours. Our security teams enforce strict access control to your site in the daytime hours preventing unauthorised workers from accessing the site, while our night guards perform patrols & spot checks of the site throughout the night.

This combines to create a complete security solution for your construction site.


Getaguard deploys trained & SIA Licensed security guards to provide an ongoing presence at your site stopping theft, preventing damage and providing peace of mind that your site is safe.

Get in contact with us using the contact form on this page to receive a price quote for your security needs.

Our experienced security personnel are trained to reduce theft and other threats to your business. In fact, we ensure that our employees are aware of the latest training and information about effective shifts. Remember that you are protected by knowledgeable, well-trained and honest professionals. 

Because of this, based on our experience, we will do our best to stay one step ahead of threats. In addition, continuous training allows us to develop new and effective methods to ensure the safety of your business.

Why You Need Getaguard Services

Video surveillance and alarm systems can only do so much. What happens if there’s a break-in in the middle of the night or your business catches fire? You could lose everything by the time help arrives, at which point, it’s too late to save anything. 

But when you have Getaguard security personnel guarding your business or construction site, you get anon-site security guard who knows how to spot potential threats. If they encounter a problem during their shift, our security staff will contact the authorities immediately to ensure a response as soon as possible. 

Because our guards receive continuous training, they know how to remain calm and reserved, and respond to all threats accordingly, which raises another advantage of having Getaguard security services. 

If there is a problem in your office or workplace, one of our security guards will ensure immediate action. For example, suppose the weather becomes dangerous outside of working hours, and the wind smashes doors or windows with debris. 

Our guards will be on-site to provide the proper response, rather than you finding out your business is damaged when you arrive the next morning. We can quickly respond to such problems and prevent looters or squatters from entering your premises. Getaguard is committed to protecting the safety of your property. It there is ever a threat, we take action to resolve it right away. 

Use the contact form on this page to contact us to get a quote for your facility. You will soon be able to enjoy the best security for your company 24/7.

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